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Uher 6000 Report Universal
« am: Sonntag, 29.Oktober.2017 | 17:26:32 Uhr »
Mein nahme ist Jan und ich bin Holländer. Ich beherrsche die deutsche sprache nicht genügend und deshalb ist es vielleicht besser in englisch weiter zu gehen. Ich verstehe doch ihren antworten auf deutch.

I am a tape recorder hobbyist and the other day I was Lucky enough to buy a brand new unused Uher 6000 Report Universal. On your website I found some threads about Uher Report and Uher Report Monitor (types 4000 --> 4400) recorders but little or nothing about the Uher 6000 Report Universal.
Probably the Uher 6000 Report was the last model of this range and not the most sold model. I did not know this model either until two days ago. Although it looks like the Report Monitor models, it is technically quite different and (in my opinion) an evolutionary development.

The "drucktaste" look the same but are actually electronic touch controls with leds below them. One of the "tiptaste" is for a repeat function The recorder has 4 electric motors (1 for capstan, 2 for reels, 1 for pinchroller activation). It has also an optional automated recording function and some other functions for professional use, like synchronisation.
I do expect do, that in Germany and between the members on this forum this Uher 6000 Report model is better known and I am much interested in your honest comments. I will attach one picture.

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Re: Uher 6000 Report Universal
« Antwort #1 am: Samstag, 03.März.2018 | 20:54:55 Uhr »
Hi Jan,

The Uher Report 6000 Monitor was a recorder constructed for long time recordings and surveliance of telefone systems and radio systems. The lowest speed was 1.2 cm / sec the highest 9.5 cm / sec. . It also can only record in Mono mode.
As far as I know, it has a build in recording start/stop system, which was an option on the other Report tape recorders and was called F 411 Akustomat. Lots of these recorders (predecessores of the Report 6000) were "on duty" at the German Army and seemingly also at the East German intelligence system..... at times of the cold war....  when both parties monitored their radio traffic....

Due to its low maximum speed this Report 6000 recorder is not the best choice for High Fidelity recordings.

The other Uher Report Monitor recorders as the 4200 (2 track Stereo) and 4400 (4 track Stereo) and the 4000 (2 Track Mono) also had the tape speed 19,05 cm/ sec and are able to record pretty nice quality, especially when the reproduction is done on a nice big tape recorder which is much "quiter" in reproduction in terms of tape noise. 

The Uher Report family was introduced in the beginning of the 1960's years and also several specialized recorders were built for sound syncronization on 16 and 35 mm movie cameras (Report 1200 syncro and report 1000 - they had full track heads and 19,05 cm / sec speed, for the Report 1200 a so called "syncronizer" was available)

Over the years I had several of these Uhers and still have some. Nice little toys...   ;) 

The Report Monitor series recorders are called "the poor mans Nagra"  ;)

I hope you so far had nice experiences with your Report 6000.

Cheers, Udo